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SolMate-B Plug & Play complete system 525Wp PV with battery storage for plugging in the next socket


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Delivery Time: 10-12 weeks


The first PLUG & PLAY photovoltaic storage system for the balcony for self-installation without an electrician, construction site and bureaucracy!

SolMate-B (balcony) is the complete system with 5 light, flexible PV panels and the power storage unit. Emergency power and island operation also possible!

Brand: EET. Currently about 5 weeks delivery time.

The first flexible PLUG-IN photovoltaic and storage system to install yourself. The SolMate-B consists of the storage unit and five light and flexible photovoltaic panels, which can be easily installed in 30 minutes using Velcro strips. It is therefore suitable for mounting on any sun balcony.

SolMate® is the most modern photovoltaic and storage system on the market and can be installed by any solar pioneer himself - without any construction site or bureaucracy. The panels are connected to the memory via a cable and this is plugged into an ordinary socket. The self-generated electricity flows through this socket directly into the in-house power grid and is therefore available throughout the apartment.

This system is perfect for apartments without their own roof, for balconies, house walls, garden fences or for mobile solutions such as caravans.

Included in the package:

    5 light flexible photovoltaic panels (108 × 69 cm; 2.5 kg per panel) with 105 Wpeak each
    Storage and control unit with two installed inverters
    Industrial Velcro tapes for mounting on balcony railings or similar
    Cable between panels and memory with a length of 5 m
    Power cable between storage and socket with a length of 2 m
    All necessary adapter plugs and accessories as well as the operating instructions

Video installation instructions SolMate B - it's that simple (click in the picture!):

Here is the statement from Environment Minister Elisabeth Köstinger about the new Plug & Play battery storage (click in the picture!):

The Mayor of Graz/Austria Siegfried Nagl is enthusiastic about balcony power plants with storage (click in the picture!):

SolMate-B Plug & Play complete system 525Wp PV with battery storage for plugging in the next socket

This product was published on Tuesday, 24 March 2020 in our catalogue.



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