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  Head Air Bag for Cyclists

Scarf instead Bicycle helmet -
and still 3x better protection for head, neck and face!

High fuel costs, congestion and environmental aspects bring more and more people to go by bike to work. At the same time, the demand for a functional and fashionable head protection for cyclists.

Instead of a bicycle helmet, the head airbag named Hövding is worn like a scarf on a neck. During normal driving the "helmet" looks like as a discrete scarf or collar - the head remains completely free.

In an accident, the airbag deploys in fractions of a second and protects the head in a perfect way. The protective effect of the head is 3x better than the best bike helmet!

Once the collar is activated with the button closure, measure its internal gyroscopes and accelerometers continuously the speed and the position of the cyclist. In the fall or immediately before impact the movements of the cyclist are different; as soon as the sensors detect this deviation in the helmet, the air bag jumps up and unfolds to a head enclosing the air bag, the head, neck and face protection.

The airbag prevents evil and serious injuries, exactly where people are very vulnerable, and often, especially in the head and neck area, such injuries are often fatal!

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